How to Make Your Studying ‘Stick’?

screen-bean-keyHere is a fascinating article about how students can massively boost recall of their studies by being tested little and often. Roddy Roediger is a psychology professor at Washington University in St. Louis and runs the school’s Memory Lab.

This effect is nothing new. in 350BC Aristotle wrote that, “exercise in repeatedly recalling a thing strengthens the memory” and numerous studies have shown this to be true.

For our own tutees, this is the reason why we use the ‘flashcard’ question-and-answer system to help our students learn faster and more efficiently – for example, in the physics revision system.

Click here to read the full article on how quizzes boost students’ recall!

How to Boost Your Physics GCSE Grade

AQA-P1-Booklet-PreviewI’ve been hard at work over the last several months to create a new type of revision book for GCSE Physics – and we’ve just had the first batch arrive hot off the press! helps students to boost their recall and learning of GCSE Physics using an ‘active’ learning approach based on question and answer ‘flashcards’.

Each booklet is designed specifically for each examination syllabus to cover the knowledge, vocabulary, calculations and understanding that students will need in their exams. The booklets are supported by my online-library of 2-3 minute video ‘micro ninja lessons’ at – Olly’s physics tutorials have finally been bottled!

So far I have published two booklets for Units P1 and P2 of the AQA Science GCSE syllabus, but more are on the way to cater for other boards such as EdExcel and Cambridge iGCSEs.

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Olly Wedgwood